May 29, 2013

Dioscorea Villosa - Symptoms, Uses, Health Benefits and Side Effects

Symptoms, Benefits and Side Effects of Homeopathic Dioscorea Villosa

It is also recognized as Wild Yam and the family of this herb is Dioscoreaceae. This valuable herb is available in the North America. Homeopathic Dioscorea Villosa has been used to get advantage against menopausal symptoms. It helpful to the liver function and endocrine system of the body. From homeopathic materia medica we get many symptoms of Dioscorea Villosa. The main symptoms of this remedy are given below.

Symptoms of Dioscorea Villosa 

  • 01. Vertigo along with dizziness
  • 02. Sharp pain in the temples
  • 03. Boring pain in the temples and head
  • 01. Eyes sore and smarting
  • 02. Eyes weakness
  • 03. Agglutination of the lids
  • 01. Dull and pressing pains in front of both the ears
  • 02. Sharp pain in front and behind the ears
  • 01. Offensive bad smell in the nose
  • 02. Release of red blood from left nostril
  • 03. Irritation of nasal passages with very sneezing
  • 04. Soreness of the nostrils
  • 01. Drawing pain
  • 02. Sharp pains at angle of left lower jaw
  • 01. Tip of tongue sore
  • 02. Soreness of gums and roof of mouth
  • 03. Heavy brown coating on the tongue
  • 04. Mouth very dry and also bitter in the morning time
  • 05. Sides of tongue sore as if burnt
  • 01. Irritation, burning and  also smarting in throat
  • 02. Soreness and pain in parotid glands
  • 01. Calls things by wrong names
  • 01. When pricking is felt the pains are sharp and agonizing
  • 02. Pains panaritium and nails brittle
  • 01. Burning at the stomach
  • 02. Severe and cramping pain in pit of stomach
  • 03. Symptoms of nausea
  • 04. Sour and bitter eructations
  • 05. Stable soreness at stomach, with frequent sharp pains
  • 06. Pain at epigastrium relieved by the raising bitter wind
  • 07. Faint, uneasy feeling at stomach
  • 08. Sharp and cutting pains in epigastrium
  • 01. Cutting pain in region of liver
  • 02. Pain in inguinal areas expanding to the testicles
  • 03. Releases of offensive flatus
  • 04. Sharp cutting pains in the bowels
  • 05. Bowels sore and tender on pressure
  • 06. Hard and dull pain in region of gall bladder
  • 07. Griping, cramping pains in the umbilical region
  • 08. Heavy, dull and grinding pain in region of liver
  • 09. Sharp pain in left hypochondrium
  • 10. Rumbling in the bowels
  • 11. Passing big quantities of flatulence
  • 12. Twisting pains in the bowels
  • 01. Very loose stools with too much straining
  • 02. Yellow colored stool in the morning time
  • 03. Problem of frequent  and urgent desire for stool
  • 04. Haemorrhoidal tumors are large like red cherries
  • 05. Diarrhea early in the morning
  • 06. Stools slimy and dark-colored 
  • 07. Itching in the rectum
  • 01. Emission of semen during sleep
  • 02. Genitals cold and relaxed
  • 03. Diminished sexual desire
  • 04. Constant excitement of genital organs
  • 05. Smelling perspiration on scrotum and also pubes
  • 06. Frequent erections
 Respiratory Organs:
  • 01. Sharp cutting pains in both lungs
  • 02. Hacking cough from irritation
  • 03. Tickling low down in the throat
  • 01. Sharp pain in the heart

Benefits or Uses of Dioscorea Villosa

  • 01. It helps to regulate hormones of female sex and it is considered a useful homeopathic remedy for many of the symptoms related with menopause.
  • 02. Dioscorea increase the sperm count of male and it reduces the frequent night emission of teenage.
  • 03. The antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory actions of Dioscorea Villosa make it useful in treating symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis. 
  • 04. This homeopathic remedy is useful in treating muscular and cramps pain.
  • 05. Dioscorea Villosa is used to treat colic and rheumatism.
  • 06. It is used to treat digestive disorders including irritable bowel syndrome, gallbladder inflammation and diverticulitis
  • 07. This remedy has been temporarily shown to cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.
  • 08. Homeopathic Dioscorea Villosa has also been shown to advantage the lungs, stomach, kidneys, and the spleen of the internal body.
  • 09. The mixture of its anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects makes it a high-quality choice for urinary tract states.

Side Effects of Dioscorea Villosa

This homeopathic remedy is normally safe but sometimes people feel nausea when taking large doses of mother tincture or abstract of the herb. Physicians suggested taking ten drops of Dioscorea mother tincture twice a day. Pregnant women and young children should not use Dioscorea Villosa without discussing with any skilled homeopathic physician.

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