May 28, 2013

Nux Vomica: Symptoms, Benefits and Side Effects

Nux Vomica is a common homeopathic remedy. Well-known homeopathic Physician, Dr. Boric stated that "if you do not know what is to give-give Nux Vomica". After all, it has various symptoms in our whole body. It helps to remove most of the symptoms at the initial time. Nux Vomica has been used to treat various problems including nausea, bloating a number of hours following consuming, indigestion, sour burping, heartburn, and digestion immediately after effects after eating rich meals, hot meals or overeating

Symptoms of Nux Vomica

01. Does not want to be touched 
02. Sedentary life style 
03. Impatient 
04. Disposed to reproach others 
05. Irritable 
06. Oversensitive to noise light 
07. For poor effects of over-indulgence in perform 

01. A dry and tickling cough 
02. Feeling that coughs tears something loose in chest 
03. Coughing spells end in retching 
04. A cough with a sore throat and chest 
05. A cough brings on bursting headache 

01. Nausea 
02. Cannot get warm 
03. Shivering, especially after drinking 
04. Weak urge to vomit 
05. Chilly from least movement under covers 
06. Cramping pains causing urge to stool 

01. After mental strain 
02. Unable to sleep after 3 a.m 
03. Cannot sleep for thoughts of day's work 
04. Wakes to feel miserable 

01. Nose stopped at night 
02. Nose runs during day 
03. Attacks of sneezing 
04. Sniffles of infant 
01. Dizziness 
02. Nausea of pregnancy 
03. Feels there would be relief from vomiting 
04. Sour vomiting 

01. Browbeaten breathing with shallow respiration 
02. Attack often follows stomach upset with much belching 

01. Over sensitiveness 
02. A congestive headache, related with hemorrhoids 
03. A headache in occiput or over eyes 
04. Pressing pain on vertex 
05. Frontal headache 
06. Vertigo in morning and after dinner 

01. Photophobia 
02. Optic neuritis 
03. Much worse in morning 
04. Burning dry sensation in inner canthi 
05. Optic nerve atrophy, from usual use of intoxicants 
06. Paresis of ocular muscles 
07. Infra-orbital neuralgia, with the watering of eyes 
08. Orbital twitching scorching towards the occiput 
09. Loud sounds anger him 

01. Stuffed up, especially at night 
02. Odors tend to produce fainting 
03. Airless colds, snuffles, after exposure to dry 
04. Coryza: fluent in daytime 
05. Bleeding in morning 
06. Worse in hot room 
07. Acrid discharge, but with stuffed up emotion 

01. Itching in ear through Eustachian tube 
02. Hyperesthesia of auditory nerves 
03. Hearing canal dry and sensitive 
04. Loud sounds are painful 
05. Otalgia; worse in bed 

01. Ulcers, with bloody saliva 
02. First half of tongue cleans 
03. Jaws contracted 
04. Teeth ache 
05. Worse; cold things 
06. White, yellow and cracked edges 
07. Gums swollen and bleeding 

01. Incomplete and unsatisfactory 
02. Constriction of rectum 
03. Sense as if part remained unexcelled 
04. Constipation, with frequent feeble urging 
05. Irregular and peristaltic action 
06. Alternate constipation and diarrhea 
07. Diarrhea after a debauch; worse in the morning 
08. Influence to stool felt throughout abdomen 
09. Itching Blind hemorrhoids 
10. The stool is very painful; after drastic drugs. 
11. Frequent small evacuations 
12. Dysentery 
13. Stools relieve pains for a time 
14. Diarrhea, with jaundice 
15. Very little stool, with much urging 

01. Nausea after eating 
02. Sour taste and nausea in the morning, 
03. Weight and pain in stomach 
04. Flatulence and pyrosis 
05. Wants to vomit, but cannot 
06. Sour and bitter eructation 
07. Nausea and vomiting, with much retching 
08. Acid stomach from drinking coffee 
09. Very hungry hunger, about a day before an attack of dyspepsia 
10. Area of stomach very sensitive to pressure 
11. Desire for drinks 
12. Complicated belching of gas 

01. Menses too early lasts too long 
02. Menses always irregular 
03. Blood black with faint spells 
04. Desire too strong 
05. Prolapsus uteri 
06. Dysmenorrhœa with pain in sacrum, 
07. Inefficient labor-pains; 
08. Extend to rectum 
09. Constant urging to stool 
10. Metrorrhagia 

01. Weakness and irritability 
02. Easily excited desire 
03. Spermatorrhœa, with dreams 
04. Bad effects of male function excesses 
05. Pain in testicles 
06. Emissions from high living 
07. Orchitis 
08. A backache and burning in spine 

01. Hæmaturia 
02. While urinating, itching in urethra 
03. Ineffectual urging, spasmodic 
04. Irritable bladder; from irregular sphincter 
05. Renal colic extending to genitals, with dribbling urine 
06. Pain in neck of bladder 

Benefits of Nux Vomica

Nux Vomica is very helpful for
  • Nerve disorders 
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) 
  • Disorders of the heart and blood system 
  • Anemia 
  • Impotence 
  • Diseases of the eye 
  • Depression 
  • Migraine problem 
  • Chronic dysentery 
  • Various problems of the stomach and intestines 
  • Lung problems 
  • Stimulating the appetite 
  • Dyspepsia 

Side Effects of Nux Vomica

The mother tincture of Nux vomica can be used to remove chronic dysentery for a long time. But taking its high potency for more than a week can cause side effects including anxiety, neck and back stiffness, restlessness, spasms of jaw and neck muscles, dizziness, breathing problems, convulsions, liver failure, and seizures. This homeopathic remedy can harm both mother and child during the period of pregnancy. 

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