May 30, 2013

Obesity - Causes, Risk Factors and Homeopathic Remedies

Accumulation of excessive fat in the body is termed as obesity. It is actually an abnormal condition which increases the weight of the body. Obesity occurs when we take in too much calories than we burn through exercise and normal daily activities. This problem is mostly seen in the high income countries of the world. A number of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases are the major risk factors of obesity.

How to Diagnose Obesity?
Everybody should give proper attention to the physical health. Anyone can diagnose the body condition using BMI. It is actually a statistical measurement derived from the weight and height. By using this method person can easily measure the percentage of body fat and the obesity level. If the BMI (that means Body Mass Index) is between 25 and 29.9 then it is considered overweight. If the BMI is 30 or over it is considered obese. Here is the chart to understand easily.
Common factors causing Obesity
Lack of Sleep:
  • Sleep helps to continue a healthy balance of the hormones that make you feel hungry. Lack of sleep also increases the danger of obesity. Person who sleep less than seven hours every day seem to prefer taking foods that are higher in calories and carbohydrates, which can easily lead to overeating, weight gain, and also obesity. Sleeplessness results in a higher than normal blood sugar level in the body, which may increase the risk for diabetes.
Certain medications:
  • Some medicines may cause to gain body weight. These medicines include some diabetes medications, antidepressants, steroids and beta blockers, corticosteroids, and anti-seizure medications. These kind of medicines can slow the rate at which the body burns calories; boost the appetite which leads to overeating and obesity.
  • For supporting the babies growth women gain weight during pregnancy. Some women get it hard to lose their weight of the body after the baby is born. This may lead to obesity or overweight. So pregnancy is one of the reasons of obesity.
Lack of physical activity:
  • It is very important factor for increasing obesity. Most of the people have jobs that involves sitting at a desk and they pass there most of the day. When they relax, people like to watch television, movies, play computer games, and browse the internet without taking regular physical exercise. If people do not active enough with any physical works they cannot use the energy provided by the food they take every day. The extra calories are stored as fat. They must suffer by the overweight or obesity problem.
Health Conditions:
  • Cushing's syndrome, Underactive thyroid, and polycystic ovarian syndrome these kinds of hormone may cause obesity. Underactive thyroid is actually a state in which the thyroid gland cannot produce enough thyroid hormone. Lack of this hormone will slow down the metabolism which must and weight gain. At that time person feel weak and tired. Women who have PCOS often are obese, have excess growth of the hair, and have some health problems. Cushing's syndrome is a state in which the adrenal glands of body produce excess of the hormone cortisol. This can drive a person taking high doses certain medications including prednisone, for long time.
Eating habit:
  • Taking fast food, drinking too much alcohol, eating larger portions than you need, skipping breakfast, eating most of your calories at night, not eating fruit and vegetables are very common reason of obesity.

Useful tips about obesity
Obesity may increase the risk of some diseases:
  • 01. Osteoarthritis
  • 02. High blood pressure
  • 03. Type 2 diabetes
  • 04. Psychological problems
  • 05. Hyperlipidaemia
  • 06. Heart diseases
What should do..............
  • 01. Try to take enough vegetables everyday
  • 02. Eat little at dinner
  • 03. Use skimmed milk instead of full fat milk
  • 04. Drink warm water
  • 05. Walk at least 2 hours per day
  • 06. Practice limited diet
  • 07. Chew your food completely
  • 08. Take wheat, barley and maize
  • 09. Cut down on salt and sugar
  • 10. Reduce taking foods after 5 pm
  • 11. Walk after night meal.
  • 12. Meditation for stress control
  • 13. Avoid too much carbohydrates, pizza and snack foods
  • 14. Avoid sedentary habits
  • 15. Avoid excess intake of rice and potatoes 
  • 16. Stay away from taking too much sweets and bakery products
  • 17. Do not take oily and fried food,Candy, Chocolates, Nuts.
  • 18. Keep away from processed and junk foods

    Useful Homeopathic Remedies to Reduce Obesity
    From homeopathic materia medica we got many remedies for reducing the obesity. But it needs to say that most of them are not effective and fruitful. Here are the most useful remedies to lessen the problem of obesity.

    Antimonium crudum:
    • For young people and children there are some common symptoms of Antimonium crudum including tendency to grow fat, too much irritability and nervousness together with a heavily coated white tongue, inclined to grow fat, for the extremes of life. On the other hand old people with morning diarrhea suddenly become constipated or alternate constipation and diarrhea. All the conditions worsen by heat and cold bathing.
    • It is a chief remedy to treat obesity. Phytollaca helps to reduce fat and thus reduce weight of the body. It also decreases fat and false growths. Burning in throat as from coal fire and unable to swallow hot liquids is a common symptoms of Phytollaca.
    Fucus Vesiculosus:
    • Thyroid enlargement in obese people and obstinate constipation are the main symptom of Fucus Vesiculosus. It is used for non-toxic goiter and obesity problem.
    • Sepia is actually used to treat female obesity. Obesity in menopausal females with perspirations and hot flushes, yellow complexion and bearing down sensations and obesity in females with weakness are the suitable symptoms to use Sepia.
    • Sometimes Pulsatilla helps to reduce obesity of female. When we get the changeable and contradictory symptoms then this remedy gives proper result. Females who are sad, cry easily and weeps when talking with other are the patient of Pulsatilla. They also feels chilliness.
    • Sometimes physician likes to use this remedy to treat obesity of young people. Capsicum helps those people who are weak, indolent and have no vital heat or no reactive force.
    • When the patient feels the complexity in sitting, walking, palpitation and nausea; then Phytolin acts as a great fat reducer. It is mother tinctures are more effective then the potencies.
    Kali Carbonicum:
    • The old persons who have a backache, sweat and body weakness are a patient of Kali Carbonicum. Person may have dark hair and lax fibre. It is actually a remedy of old peoples.
    • This remedy mostly fit for the female. Fat women with delayed menstruation must get benefits from Graphaities. The patients of this homeopathic remedy are fat, stout and have tendency to skin affections. This remedy gives the best result for those who have lost desire for sexual intercourse.

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