May 28, 2013

Symptoms of Homeopathic Remedies for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Hypertension or High blood pressure is also known as a silent killer. The pressure of the blood is normally recorded as the systolic pressure over the diastolic pressure. When the reading of the blood pressure is 140/90 mm Hg or higher then we refer it as a high blood pressure. It is a very risky disease. The American Heart Association reported that about one in three adults in the United States has this disease. It may cause kidney failure, heart attacks, injury to the brain and, strokes.

Causes of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) 

The American Heart Association stated that there is no one particular cause of high blood pressure. Most common causes of Hypertension are:
  • 01. Taking excessive alcohol
  • 02. Pain reliever medicines
  • 03. Lifestyle
  • 04. Kidney diseases
  • 05. Genetic factors
  • 06. Obesity
  • 07. Stress can raise blood pressure
  • 08. Abnormal blood vessels
  • 09. Birth control pills
  • 10. Adrenal diseases
  • 11. Tobacco use

Symptoms of Homeopathic Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Generally intense and talkative person are perfectly fit for this homeopathic remedy. The core symptoms of patients of the Lachesis are:
  • 01. The person has a strong panic of disease
  • 02. Very intolerance of clothing around the neck 
  • 03. Sensations of suspicion, jealousy, and revenge
  • 04. Person feels restriction in the chest, with beats in many areas
  • 05. The person also has heart or artery problems, look flushed 
  • 06. Feeling worse on waking in the morning
The patients of Sanguinary have a common symptom that they feel blood is rushing to the head area, with flushed red cheeks along with pulsing in the neck. The other symptoms of this remedy are:
  • 01. The person has headaches or migraines problems
  • 02. Burning pains
  • 03. Headaches on the right
  • 04. Allergies, stomachache, and digestive troubles are often seen
  • 05. Problems in the right-sided neck and shoulder
  • 06. A tendency to think worse of eating sweets
  • 07. Symptoms are worse from motion
  • 08. Relief may come from being in the dark and sleeping
  • 09. A craving for spicy food
  • 10. Headaches worse from light and noise

Argentum nitricum:
Patients feel nervousness and anxiety when blood pressure rising. Diarrhea, headache, pounding pulse and dizziness are very common symptoms of Argentum nitricum. Other symptoms are:
  • 01. Person is warm-blooded
  • 02. Have strong cravings for sweets and salt
  • 03. Person is imaginative, impulsive and claustrophobic
This homeopathic remedy is used when symptoms come on suddenly with great intensity and heat. Other symptoms of Belladonna are:
  • 01. Severe headaches
  • 02. A headache worse from jarring and light
  • 03. The face of the person is flushed along with dilated pupils
  • 04. Person’s hands and feet may be cold despite the general heat
  • 05. Throbbing and Pulsations may be felt in other parts of the body
Calcarea carbonica:
Calcarea carbonica is very useful for those people who have poor stamina with high blood pressure. Other symptoms of this homeopathic remedy are:
  • 01. Sweat on the head during sleep 
  • 02. Palpitations can be worse from walking up a slope 
  • 03. Tend toward weight problems
  • 04. The feet may heat up in bed at night
  • 05. The person has cravings for sweets and also eggs
  • 06. Coolness with clammy hands and feet 
  • 07. Breathing problems can be worse from walking u stairs
Aurum metallicum:
Homeopathic Aurum metallicum is indicated for the people who are serious focused on career with Hypertension related to stress. Common symptoms of this remedy are:
  • 01. Worry along with depression
  • 02. A strong desire for alcohol, bread and sweets
  • 03. A common tendency to feel worse at night
  • 04. Anger may occur when the person feels he have made a mistake 
Person with a severe headache with high blood pressure is a patient of Glonoinum. Visible throbbing in the blood vessels of the neck and migraine are very strong symptoms of this remedy. The other symptoms are:
  • 01. A sensation of "being lost in a familiar place"
  • 02. The chest can feel congested or hot with irregular heartbeat
  • 03. The person is after heat and after drinking alcohol
  • 04. The person is worse from moving around
  • 05.A flushed face with a pounding headache 
Nux vomica:
Homeopathic Nux vomica is perfectly fit for them who are usually impatient and driven-easily frustrated and angered. Other symptoms of this remedy are:
  • 01. Palpitations along with constricting feelings in the chest
  • 02. A strong desire for coffee and other stimulants
  • 03. Strong foods, sweets and alcohol may aggravate blood pressure 
  • 04. The person is sensitive to light, odors, noise, and interference
  • 05. Hemorrhoids and constipation are often seen
Natrum muriaticum:
A person who has the characteristics of reserved and responsible is a patient of Natrum muriaticum. Common symptoms of this remedy are:
  • 01. Feeling of tension in the chest
  • 02. Headaches and palpitations 
  • 03. The person feels worse from being in the sun
  • 04. A fear of misfortune
  • 05. A craving for salt and strong thirst 
  • 06. Disappointment and anger
  • 07. Better from being alone in a quiet place
  • 08. Worse around mid-morning
The patient who is sympathetic and sensitive is better fit for homeopathic Phosphorus. Other symptoms are:
  • 01. Sensation of heaviness or pain in the chest
  • 02. Strong desire for cold drinks 
  • 03. Left-sided problems 
  • 04. Weakness along with dizziness
  • 05. Better feeling after eating and sleeping

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