Jun 4, 2013

Hydrocele – Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors and Homeopathy

A hydrocele is actually a painless collection of watery fluid around the testicle (one or both) in the scrotum. It causes the groin area or the scrotum to swell. Condition may be acute or chronic. Chronic hydroceles generally are not painful but may develop uncomfortable feeling of heaviness. Usually it is not risky. It is in no way harmful and usually requires no treatment. About one in ten male children has a hydrocele at birth, but most of them vanish without taking any treatment within the first year of life. Men - who are older than forty - can develop a hydrocele due to injury, inflammation or other reasons within the scrotum. However sometimes it may make a big size where hydrocele becomes uncomfortable and in that case homeopathic remedies are best to treat it.
Symptoms of Hydrocele
  • 01. From the testicular cancer the symptoms of a hydrocele can easily be distinguished, as a testicular cancer feels rough and hard, where a hydrocele is fluidy and soft.
  • 02. It feels like a little fluid filled balloon inside the scrotum.
  • 03. They are varying greatly in size. 
  • 04. Hydroceles are smooth, and is mainly in front of one of the testes. 
  • 05. Large hydroceles cause uneasiness because of the size. 
  • 06.They are usually harmless and painless.

    Causes of Hydrocele
    Most hydroceles occur in adults where the men aged over 40 years.
    • 01. The causes of hydroceles are not known in most cases.
    • 02. Sometimes hydroceles build up when there is generalized puffiness of the lower half of the body due to fluid maintenance.
    • 03. In adults, a small number of hydroceles are caused when a little is wrong with one of the testicles (testes). For example, injury inflammation, tumours or infection of a testicle may cause fluid to be shaped which directs to a hydrocele forming.
    • 04. Hydroceles usually go away a few months after birth, but the appearance of Hydroceles may be anxious new parents.
    • 05. Filariasis may develop hydrocele in infected men and boys
    • 06. Hydrocele may be secondary to testicular torsion or strangulated/ incarcerated hernia

      Risk Factors of Hydrocele
      In older age, these are the risk factors responsible for the Hydroceles development-
      • 01. Infection.
      • 02. Radiation therapy
      • 03. Injury to scrotum.
      • 04. Surgery
      • 05. Indirect inguinal hernia
      • 06. Trauma
      • 07. Increased intra-abdominal pressure
      • 08. Low-birth-weight  and premature  infants
      • 09. Ventricul operitoneal shunt
      • 10. Peritoneal dialysis
      • 11. Primary testicular/intrascrotal pathology
      • 12. Bladder exstrophy
      • 13. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
      • 14. Lymphatic obstruction

        Homeopathic remedies for Hydrocele
        Most of the physician recommended surgical operation if the hydrocele is too large, as it poises a threat of super added infection. But there are some certain homeopathic remedies that are very fruitful and useful to treat the hydrocele in any conditions. 
        • 01. The most valuable homeopathic remedies are rhus toxicodrendon, hydrocotyle asiatica and iodium, rhododendron, arnica montona, pulsatilla nigricans and graphitesas.
        • 02. Rhus toxicodrendon high potency is very effective to reduce the sever condition of hydrocele. When hydroceles affect right testicle and the condition becomes worse with the weather change, rhus toxicodendron or rhododendron is the most effective homeopathic remedy to treat it. 
        • 03. If the hydroceles appear as the result of some type of injury or operation then arnica montona is a nice solution to treat it. 
        • 04. When the testicles are swollen, hard and painful, it is wise to use iodium. 
        • 05. The remedy graphites are highly recommended when severe swelling with eczema appears. 
        • 06. When the painless hydroceles affect only left testicle then Pulsatilla nigricans should be used. Pulsatilla 200, thrice a day will help reduce hydrocele swelling and avoid recurrence. 
        • 07. But if anybody takes proper remedies according to the appropriate symptoms then hydroceles are very simple matter to treat in homeopathy.

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