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Jun 10, 2013

Selenium is a very common homeopathic remedy, as a pure natural component of the body system; it is essentially needed for the tissues to run effectively. It actually works inside of digestive enzymes and also performs a vital role in the produce of anti-oxidants. We get selenium in our body from the diet. Fish, poultry, Crab, liver, and wheat are usually good sources of selenium.

Main Symptoms of Selenium

01. Headache problem every afternoon 
02. Problem of a headache after drinking lemonade, tea or wine 
03. Pain in scalp as if hair were pulled out 
04. Headache of drunkards, 
05. A headache after debauchery 
06. Head becomes affected by academic labor 

01. Dread of society 
02. Complicated comprehension 
03. Reveries of a melancholy and religious character 
04. Mental labor fatigues him 
05. Enormous loquacity found of conversing 
06. Excessive forgetfulness 

01. Pains deep in orbits 
02. Falling off of eyebrows 
03. Itching vesicles on eyebrows 
04. Irregular twitching of left eyeball 

01. Shining skin of face 
02. Upper lip cracked 
03. Twitching in muscles 
04. Immense emaciation of face and hand 

01. Itching in nose 
02. Yellow, thick, gelatinous mucus in nose 
03. Itching in nostrils 
04. Fluent coryza in evening 
05. Affinity to bore fingers into nose 
06. Whole barrier of nose 

01. Teeth covered with mucus 
02. Toothache 
03. Boring in molars 
04. Pain with feeling of coldness 
05. A toothache from tea 
06. Teeth become free of mucus 
07. Better taking cold water and cold air into mouth 

01. Dryness 
02. Hawking of lumps of mucus in morning 

01. Pain under root of tongue 
02. Stammering speech with great difficulty 
03. Tongue loaded with a thick white coating in morning 

01. Inclination to vomit 
02. Hiccough and risings after smoking 
03. Cramp in stomach 
04. Pressure in stomach 
05. Feels very sick after sleep 

01. Hard evacuations 
02. Problem of constipation 
03. Stools very difficult and threaten to tear anus 
04. Stool so hard and impacted 

01. Throbbing of the arteries in the whole body 
02. Pain in the liver 
03. Violent shootings in spleen when walking 
04. Deep feeling of external pressure 
05. Red itching 
06. Pains feeling in right side 

01. Scanty and red in evening 
02. Red sediment, like coarse sand 
03. Dribbling of urine after micturition 
04. Involuntary dribbling of urine when walking 
05. Sensation in tip of urethra 

01. Menses delayed about 8 days 
02. Menses dark and copious 

01. Tickling and itching in genitals 
02. Pollutions with the flaccidity of penis 
03. Discharge of semen, drop by drop, during sleep 
04. Itching especially in scrotum 
05. Impotence with lascivious ideas 
06. Thin and scent less semen 
07. Debility and peevishness after coition 
08. Gonorrhoea 

Uses of Selenium

Heart problems: People with heart disease who take homeopathic selenium daily in mixture with, vitamin C, beta-carotene and vitamin E do not seem to have a lower chance of having heart disease 

Cancer prevention: Taking a combination of homeopathic remedy selenium along with zinc vitamin C mg, vitamin and beta-carotene do not lower the overall chance of developing cancer of any type. 

Diabetes: People with low selenium levels in the body have a higher chance of getting type 2 diabetes. But who have high amounts of selenium in the body also have increased the chance of getting type 2 diabetes? 

Lung cancer: Growing selenium intake does not seem to lower the risk of receiving the lung cancer, excluding in people who have lower than normal levels of selenium (selenium deficiency). 

Skin cancer: Taking homeopathic mother tincture of selenium does not seem to lessen the danger of getting a particular type of skin cancer recognized as basal cell carcinoma. Taking more selenium might truly increase the threat of getting another type of skin cancer which is known as squamous cell carcinoma.

Side Effects :- The limited use of Selenium low potency is very useful but excess use of this remedy may cause some problems such as Nausea, vomiting, Hair loss, nail brittleness, Fatigue, Muscle tenderness, Irritability, Shakiness, Weight loss etc. People may also experience breathing difficulty, Itching, Swelling of the throat or mouth. 
Argentum Nitricum is also known as Silver Nitrate. The particular therapeutic usage of this homeopathic remedy perfectly fit for the middle ages whenever it is used as an antiseptic along with corrosive to deal with injuries. Nowadays Argentum Nitricum continues to be used in wart treatments. The signs of gentle poisoning are anxiousness along with disappointment.It is originally proved by Dr. Hahnemann and once more by Muller in 1845.

General Symptoms Better for: Conditions that improve symptoms 
01. Fresh air 
02. Cool 
03. Pressure on pain or discomfort area

General Symptoms Worse for: Conditions that make the symptoms worse 
01. Warmth 
02. At night 
03. Hot weather 
04. Stress 
05. Sweet foods 
06. Lying on the left side 

Main Symptoms of Argentum Nitricum 
01. Disturbance in the memory 
02. Wants to do things in a hurry 
03. Strange ideas and notions along with fears come into his mind 
04. Looking forward to times he is nervous 
05. Thinks his understanding will and must fail 
06. Fear of death 
07. Sadness, confusion and melancholy 
08. Faintish and unsteady 
09. Over anxious state that death is near 

01. Anxiety with palpitation 
02. Great restiveness 
03. Nervous faintish and the tremulous sensation 
04. Heart’s action irregular and intermittent 
05. Violent palpitation from the least mental sentiment 

01. Exciting troubles cause appearance of hemi cranial attacks 
02. Headache from mental exertion from the excitement, dancing 
03. Vertigo with the buzzing in ears and with worried affections 
04. Headaches are of a congestive character 
05. Pains in the right side of the head 

01. Eye symptoms are very frequent to mention 
02. Paretic state of ciliary muscle 
03. Release abundant and purulent 
04. Chemosis with strangulated vessels 
05. Unable to keep eyes fixed steadily 
06. Purulent ophthalmia 

01. Face sunken, bluish and pale 
02. Looks prematurely old 
03. Sweat stood in drops on the face 
04. Heavy breathing with blue face 

01. Itching in the nose 
02. Loss of smell 
03. Coryza with chilliness and headache 
04. Ulcers in septum 

01. Tip is red and painful 
02. Gums tender and bleed easily 
03. Tongue has well-known papillae 
04. Taste coppery 
05. Ache in sound teeth 

01. Painful spot over stomach 
02. Ulcerative pain in left area under ribs 
03. Massive distention 
04. Nausea and vomiting of glairy mucus 

01. Dark redness of throat 
02. Raw, rough and sore 
03. Strangulated emotion 
04. Feeling of a splinter in throat on swallowing 
05. Constriction and burning 

01. Diarrhea right after eating 
02. Itching of anus 
03. Watery, flatulent, noisy and green stool 
04. Fluids go right after sweets 

01. Brown, hard and tense skin 
02. Irregular blotches 
03. Drawing in skin 

01. Urethra inflamed with pain, itching, and burning 
02. Release of a few drops after having finished 
03. Urine passes instinctively, day and night 

01. Worried erethism at change of life 
02. Extreme spasm of chest muscles 
03. Leucorrhoea with erosion of cervix bleeding easily 
04. Gastralgia at beginning of the menses 

01. Impotence 
02. Coition painful 
03. Erection fails when coition is attempted 
04. Genitals shrivel 
05. Desire wanting 
06. Cancer-like ulcers 

Uses of Argentum Nitricum

01. Argentum nitricum is applied for removing various types of nervousness and apprehensions that are set off by overexcited thoughts. This is a homeopathic remedy for the conditions like claustrophobia, stage anxiety and, fright in spite of unexpected circumstances.

02. Argentum nitricum is also suggested for curing digestive disorders like gas, diarrhea, vomiting and burning headaches that begin slowly and are a result of uncontrollable too much amounts of sweet foods.

03. This remedy is very helpful for pain that gets better when pressure is applied and when the patient is in fresh air. Asthma, colicky pain during weaning, warts, dizziness and hoarseness are also symptoms of Argentum nitricum.

04. This homeopathic remedy is especially useful for women. It gives for a bearing down sense within the uterus owing to menstruation. It is also helpful for curing the inflammation of mucous membrane, chiefly in the eyes.

05. Homeopath suggested to use this remedy in such specific conditions such as, anxiety with the sleeplessness, sweating, palpitations, also vomiting.

06. Argentum nitricum is very helpful to remove some male diseases such as: long lime impotence problem, painful coition and erection fails when the coition is attempted. High potency of this remedy gives prompt result to solve those problems.

This remedy is poisonous if ingested. Repeated small doses can create as much as poisonous ranges. It is better to use this remedy discussing with any homeopath. The proper potency of Argentum nitricum must remove your problem permanently. 

Jun 5, 2013

Asthma is actually a physical disorder that causes shortness of breath, the airways of the lungs to narrow and swell, coughing, leading to wheezing, chest tightness and some other breathing complexities. It makes breathing trouble for more than thirty four million peoples of USA. A homeopathic physician must think about the previous skin ailment of the patients during the time of treatment. Children with this problem often experienced eczema before in life. But with proper treatment for appropriate symptoms of asthma, adults and children can live well. Whenever a homeopath wants to treat a patient using homeopathy, good attention is required to choose correct remedies according to the symptoms.

Causes of Asthma
The real causes of Asthma are not easy to identify in maximum time. We know some of the factors that contribute to develop asthma.
  • 01. Having a parent with eczema, asthma, or hay fever leads a child’s danger of developing asthma.
  • 02. It is seen that there are more women with asthma than men in adults.
  • 03. Obesity or over weight increases the risk of asthma problem.
  • 04. Expressing strong sentiments include fear, anger, and excitement also responsible to develop asthma.
  • 05. Genetic factors are involved in developing asthma.
  • 06. The young boys have smaller lungs than girls. For this reason more boys have asthma than girls.
  • 07. Exercise particularly in cold air is a frequent asthma trigger. But the symptoms of exercise-induced asthma generally go away within a few hours.
  • 08. Children of mothers who smoke are four times more likely to breathe with difficulty.
  • 09. Sudden changes in weather, cold air, dry wind, can sometimes bring on an asthma episode.
  • 10. Smoking during the period of pregnancy can harm a baby’s lungs and lead to respiratory sickness.
  • 11. Kids who have respiratory infections while they are infants may be up to forty percent more probable to develop the asthma.
  • 12. Air pollution may create asthma symptoms worse even though it is not understandable whether pollution causes the complexities of asthma. 
  • 13. Children who are exposed to tobacco smoke have more chest infections which lead to develop asthma problem.
  • 14. Experience to certain substances in the office can cause work-related asthma. Chemical irritants in the workplace also responsible develop asthma.
  • 15. Some medication such as aspirin may cause to develop asthma.

    Symptoms of Asthma
    • 01. Some symptoms of asthma include dark circles under the eyes, sore throat, and change in the color of the face feeling tired or irritable.
    • 02. Frequent cough, especially at night period
    • 03. Some people feels symptoms only if exposed to triggers
    • 04. Losing the breath easily and shortness of the breath
    • 05. Wheezing is the best-known symptom of asthma
    • 06. Some children experience an itch on the back of the neck just prior to an attack of asthma
    • 07. Wheezing or coughing right after the exercise
    • 08. With more severe asthma, wheezing may occur at night
    • 09. Feeling tired, grouchy, easily upset and moody
    • 10. Coughing, Shortness of breath is common symptoms of asthma
    • 11. Very rapid breathing and Chest pain or pressure

       Asthma and Homeopathy
      Yerba Santa:
      • Yerba Santa is often used to treat the common cold, as well as chronic respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis. This remedy has been used traditionally for asthma attacks; it helps to clean the throat and lungs, colds, fluid in the lungs. It is a great expectorant and decongestant, making it useful for respiratory blocking due to colds, flu, bronchitis and hay fever; it helps to reduce maximum complex symptoms of asthma. 
      • If symptoms are spasmodic then Pulsetilla operates well. The patient feels nervous and heaviness in the chest. There are problems of breathing, sudden wheezing along with a sense of suffocation, which might be worse when the patient try to move and cough generates with vomiting and retching. The remedy Ipecac can be used when the cough is continuous and the chest seems filled with phlegm, still nothing at all is coughed up. The extremities are seems covered with cold sweat.
      Carbo vegitable:
      • This remedy is helpful when symptoms have a tense, constricted feeling while in the lower part of the chest, with feeling of pressure in the stomach. The patient finds relief by belching, and likes to loosen the clothes. Situations are usually worse in the beginning of the day. Carbo vegitable might be useful when gastric troubles bring on the asthmatic attacks, and while in simple irregular asthma. Both mental effort and physical hard work could lead the symptoms worse, warmness and rest more often than not brings the relief. If there is abundance of abdominal irritation and significantly flatulence, the remedy Nux vomica could be mixed with Carbo vegetable and Lycopodium.
      • It is an equivalent remedy to Arsenic alb. Ipecanum is mainly helpful if the disease is chronic, the patient is older and the difficulty breathing is dry.When the attacks of the disease take place at midnight and 2 a.m. then Ipecanum acts perfectly. Patient feels tired yet experiences pain and restlessness, fearing suffocation if lies down. There is surely a sweat, and the patient is generally thirsty. In the event the patient falls asleep once more, awakened with pain and burning soreness inside the chest, heat in the head. Arsenicum also follows Ipecac adequately, and is especially helpful in those that are anemic.
      Spongia Tosta:
      • This homeopathic remedy is indicated by a barking cough for the period of an asthma attack. Difficult breathing contains a sawing noise along with tiny mucus is made. The patients feels well when sitting up, when leaning forward and tilting the head back. Hot drinks could advantageous. The complexities generally begin before midnight while the patient is asleep.
      • When the patient has a hard, dry, exasperating cough that starts right after getting to be overexcited and angry then chamomilla should be used. The cough is typically worse about 9 p.m. and might be carrying on in to the nightfall. The victim could be extremely touchy and agitated, and acts oversensitive.
      Kali Bichromicum:
      • This powerful remedy might possibly permit patients who attack at about 3 or 4 a.m., which has a sensation as if there were no air in the upper body. Person feels compelled to sit up to breathe, and twisting forward even the sitting may bring some relief. Person coughs up stringy yellow-colored mucus.
      Antimonium tartaricum:
      • It is used as a common remedy for asthma problem for some definite symptoms. The presence crackling sounds during the chest is the main symptoms of Antimonium tartaricum. The upper body looks swollen with phlegm the person unable to cough up. The person must sit up at about 3 a.m., has severe troubles of breathing, and feels suffocated also. This homeopathic remedy is particularly apt to young kids and the elderly.
      Blatta Orientalis:
      • Some homeopathic remedies act as a legend to remove the complexities of Asthma instantly. Blatta Orientalis is one of them. The mother tincture of this remedy is very effective to treat asthma when the patients are unable to breathe with much mucus.

      Jun 3, 2013

      Vitex agnus-castus is available on the south shore of Long Island and Nantucket on the southwest of England and in the East Coast of North America. It is popular homeopathic remedy. It is also recognized as Abraham's Balm or Monk's Pepper, Chasteberry, Chaste Tree, Vitex, in the Mediterranean region. It improves the physical and mental vitality both for male and female. It is used to alleviate symptoms of various gynecological problems of our body. Most of the homeopaths use this remedy to restore and improve sexual vitality for male. Some of the modern uses include abnormal uterine bleeding disorders, premenstrual syndrome, and also mastodynia.

      Common Symptoms of Agnus Castus

      • 01. Despairing sadness
      • 02. Great absence of mind
      • 03. Cannot recollect things
      • 04. Fears of approaching death
      • 01. Loud noise the ears
      • 01. Acidic itching of the chest
      • 01. Tearing pain in the head
      • 02. Worse during motion
      • 01. Parts very relaxed
      • 02. Leucorrhoea
      • 03. Milk scanty or totally suppressed
      • 01. Yellow colored urethral discharge 
      • 02. Penis is very relaxed
      • 03. Testes cold, hard and painful
      • 04. Impotence problem with gleets
      • 05. Sexual desire lessened
      • 06. Male organ small and flaccid
      • 07. Release of prostatic fluid in time of straining at stool

      Agnus Castus for both male and female 

      • It is reputed to have a hormonal effect. Agnus castus is also used for problems of the female reproductive process. This homeopathic remedy is thought that to act around the pituitary gland and it frequently helps to balance in the women’s hormone cycle. 
      • From many researches we know that Vitex agnus castus easily stimulate the flow of breast milk in lactating mothers. Other menopausal symptoms that could be treated with this remedy include anxiousness, nervousness or depression, and it can be used for prevention of the obesity and excessive body weight. Remember that hot flushes and fluid retention can be managed with agnus castus while in menopause. 
      • Vitex agnus-castus has been usually used in scenarios of infertility because of diagnosis of the hormonal imbalances. Some ailments including amenorrhoea at the same time as irregular bleeding, fibroids, spotting, cystic hyperplasia with the womb lining, weighty and regular bleeding, cramping, depression, breast pains and any swelling of the physique around women’s period time. Homeopathic remedy Agnus castus helps to eradicate such kinds of problems. 
      • The newly married person who is not able to perform a sexual intercourse then this remedy helps to remove this problem. The mother tincture of this remedy or abstract of the herb is recommended to get for the best result. 
      • Vitex agnus-castus is certainly an anaphrodisiac. It lessens the excess sexual desire in some people. Other ailments which can respond to this remedy consist of mouth ulcers, infertility, and acne. Sufferers of hormonal acne must get better result when taking this remedy in excess of a period of months. But remember that the action of homeopathic Agnus castus is slow and steady. 

      Side Effects of Vitex Agnus-Castus 

      Side effects of taking Vitex agnus-castus are very rare. Mild skin rash with itching and minor gastrointestinal upset have been reported in less than two percent of the women monitored while using this Agnus Castus. According to EMedTV, as with any herb, an allergic reaction to this remedy is possible. Symptoms include wheezing or difficulty breathing, a rash or hives, itching, mouth or throat swelling, difficulty swallowing and facial may be seen at that time. Please do not take Agnus Castus mother tincture and also its potencies during the period of pregnancy.

      Jun 2, 2013

      Turnera Diffusa leaves are popularly known as Damiana. It is actually a homeopathic remedy and some people use it as a health tonic. 'Turnera Diffusa' is the botanical title of this herb but locally it is recognized as Mexican Damiana, old woman's broom. Everybody should use this remedy according to the appropriate symptoms. Because it has some minor side effects.

      The herb of Damiana is available in the Mexico, southern US and parts of South America. Its leaves are yellow-brown in color. It was firstly made to deal with dizziness and loss of balance, and later on as an aphrodisiac.

      • Mild purgative 
      • Aphrodisiac 
      • Thymoleptic 
      • Gastric 
      • Antidepressant 

      Benefits Of Damiana

      • Normally the mother tincture of homeopathic Damiana is used as the nerve tonic and an aphrodisiac for both men and women. 
      • It helps to increase the libido ensuing in considerably higher sex drives 
      • Homeopathic Damiana increase the intensity and satisfaction levels of the sexual act itself 
      • This remedy boosts energy level which does a lot to restore libido along with desire 
      • The remedy can be used to enhance vitality levels 
      • Mother tincture of homeopathic Damiana brings oxygen to the genital area 
      • It stimulates the intestinal tract 
      • It often restores the ability to get orgasm in women 
      • It is also used as a universal health tonic to improve wellness 
      • Damiana improves digestion and to treat constipation problem 
      • This remedy is popularly used as a fat reducer. Many homeopaths use it to treat obesity. 
      • An alkaloid in this remedy acts like the male testosterone hormone. It has already proven by research that Damiana leaves have the potential to improve the levels of testosterone. 

      Side Effects of Damiana

      Anemia:- This homeopathic remedy has the capability improving the body’s zinc and alcium absorption. This might result in poor iron absorption of the body, which can lead to anemia and infertility. 

      Insomnia:- Though Damiana provides enough energy to the nerve system but should not use it before going to bed. Sometimes it causes insomnia. Unnecessary use might cause sleeplessness and also severe headaches. 

      Allergic Reaction:- If anybody experience trouble in breathing along with the itching, severe headache problems they might be allergic to this homeopathic Damiana. If these symptoms do not ease, it is better to discuss with a physician. 

      Some lung problems:- Some people use it as smoking. Remember this smoking Damiana can harm the lungs which can cause breathing difficulties and the lung cancer also. 

      Hyperglycemia:- Homeopathic mother tincture of Damiana can decrease the sugar levels of blood, but too much can lead to hypoglycemia. Diabetes patients should not use this remedy without discussing the homeopathic physician. 

      Weight loss:- Excess taking of this homeopathic remedy is also could trigger weight loss in some people. 

      For women :- Damania may harm the children of a mother during pregnancy. This remedy should not take at that time. 

      Gastrointestinal problems :- Sometimes Damiana may cause stomachache and diarrhea when anybody uses it as a remedy of constipation. So it these problems occurs just stops taking this remedy. But it does not create any fatal problems.

      May 30, 2013

      Ashwagandha: tonic for male and female

      Popular homeopathic remedy Ashwagandha is recognized as "Indian ginseng". The word 'Ashwagandha' has come from Sanskrit language- "ashva" meaning horse, and "gandha" meaning smell. Ashwagandha herb is available in the India subcontinent (Bangladesh, India and Pakistan). Locally it is known as winter cherry, poison gooseberry etc. It has excellent defensive effects on brain, muscles, sexual organs and the nervous system of the body. It has generally been recommended to help people making stronger the immune system of the body after longtime sickness. It is a valuable homeopathic tonic both for female and male.

      Ashwagandha improves body’s ability to resist anxiety. It minimizes imbalances that could bring illness, physical and psychological strain, irrespective of whether from poor diet, lack of sleep, chemical toxins in the surroundings. Ashwagandha is mainly useful in stress-related arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, and basic debility.

      'Ashwagandha' tonic for male and female 
      • Ashwagandha helps to provide suitable nourishment to the muscle and also bone 
      • This remedy is used as a tonic of nervous system and muscles.
      • It supports rejuvenation, mental and physical health, and also helps to make a protection against all unsafe factors. 
      • Homeopathic mother tincture of Ashwagandha is a famous nerve and sexual tonic for achy, tired, and overworked intellectual person 
      • Ashwagandha has most useful antioxidant properties that demolish free radicals associated with aging and also several fatal diseases. 
      • From the research, it has shown that mother tincture Ashwagandha(Q) maintain strong immune system function. 
      • This remedy acts to cool the mind and support a relaxing sleep. It is useful for men and women. 
      • Also remarkable, emerging evidence suggests that Ashwagandha has anti-cancer benefits. 
      • Homeopathic Ashwagandha is also helpful in low sexual power, hypertension, chronic stress debility, arthritis and the diabetes. Therefore it is a tonic for the sex, muscles and the nervous system. 
      • It has been proven as efficient as some tranquilizers and antidepressant remedies. 
      • It improves better health for person troubled with a poor diet, physical and mental strain, lack of sleep, environmental and the chemical poisons.

      Side Effects of Ashwagandha

      Diarrhea is a very common side effect of Ashgawandha. Taking large doses of its mother tincture may cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. At that time person may be experienced great thirst, tiredness, dryness of skin, dizziness and an increased heart rate. But ten drops of Ashgawandha mother tincture twice a day can be used a tonic for healthy body. 
      Homeopathic Conium actually comes from the plant 'Hemlock or Poison Hemlock'. It is available in some European countries particularly Britain, Africa and some parts of Asia. The Greek word "kōneion" means 'hemlock'. In ancient Greece, It was used to poison condemned prisoners. The most renowned victim of hemlock poisoning is the philosopher Socrates. But homeopathic medical science made a very useful remedy for this poison and it is 'Conium Maculatum'. It helps to remove various fatal diseases from our body.

      Symptoms of Conium Maculatum

      01. Unable sustain 'any mental effort 
      02. Hypochondriacal state of mind 
      03. No inclination for study or business 
      04. Afraid of being alone 
      05. Stimulation causes mental gloominess 

      01. Weakness of eye sight 
      02. Burning in the eyes when reading 
      03. Paralysis of ocular muscles 
      04. Dazzling and weakness of the eyes 
      05. Visualization becomes blurred when he is irritable 
      06. Burning on the surface of lids 
      07. Photophobia and too much lachrymation 
      08. Eyes together with giddiness 
      09. Objects look red, rainbow colored 

      01. Boring occipital pain on rising in the morning 
      02. Scorched feeling on top 
      03. Stiffness as if both temples were compressed 
      04. Vertigo when turning over in the bed 
      05. Vertigo when lying down 

      01. Discharge from ear blood colored 
      02. Imperfect hearing 

      01. Painful tightness 
      02. Jaundice 
      03. Knife-like pains 
      04. Relentless pain around the liver 

      01. Painful spot the level of the sternum 
      02. Worse at the time of going to bed 
      03. Terrible nausea 
      04. Too many painful spasms of the stomach 
      05. Pain about the root of tongue 

      01. Weakness after the stool 
      02. Heat and burning in rectum during stool 
      03. Frequent urging 

      01. Stitches in nipples 
      02. Uterine spasms during too early and scanty menses 
      03. Wants to press breast hard with the hand 
      04. Menses delayed and inadequate parts sensitive 
      05. Shrunken, hard and painful to touch 
      06. Breasts enlarge, become painful during menses 

      01. Testicles hard and enlarged 
      02. Emissions without any dreams 
      03. Sexual anxiety with weak erection 
      04. Stiffness and swelling of the testicles 
      05. Effects of suppressed sexual appetite 
      06. Sexual desire with complete or partial incapacity 
      07. Swelling and induration of testicles 

      Uses of Conium Maculatum

      Women’s problems:
      • Conium is powerful in curing many wellness challenges suffered by girls. This homeopathic remedy is particularly helpful for the aged women that are in their climacteric age. In another hand, Conium Maculatum is beneficial for ladies who're experiencing specific changes within their body, specifically during the period of menopause. 
      • Females also experience red pimples emerging all in excess of their entire body and these symptoms are eased once the menstrual flow is regularized. Usually, such girls also bear tender breasts, which turn out to be pretty firm and painful all through the menstrual periods. They may also experience from leucorrhoea ten days soon after the menstrual period is over. Conium Maculatum is a most useful remedy to give a nice solution for these problems. 
      • During the instance of females, such intense sexual excitement may be demonstrated by a lot of discharge in the vagina and even abnormal or irregular menstrual cycles. 
      Men's problems:
      • This remedy is efficient in treating various sexual disorders. Some person uses conium when they suffer from a severe kind of sexual excitement where they may suffer from premature ejaculation or impotency. 
      • When anybody affected by the low sexual problem, they generally suffer from nervous and mental anxiety. These kinds of sexual difficulties will be cured by using the conium. 
      Nervous disorders: The peoples who are afflicted by stressed problems frequently, feel cold as well as weakened in the hip and legs. Moreover, they may feel giddy and become weak in order to mild. At the same time, these people may probably feel weakness. Conium Maculatum helps to care these types of symptoms fruitfully. 

      Cysts & tumors: If anybody is suffering from these difficulties in fact expertise hard lumps rising all over the body, as an illustration, testicles, ovaries, prostate, uterus and breasts. Conium is suitable for curing this kind of conditions. This homeopathic remedy is capable to relief from those related symptoms, such as uneasiness and itchiness too. 

      Swollen breasts: Some women are afflicted by a trouble where in their breasts come to be enlarged. They feel uneasiness when the breasts are touched. It is seen that this condition is very common when women have their menstrual cycles. As a remedy, Conium acts effectively to remove these female problems. 

      Headache: Headache with some sexual problems including excess sex desire, stimulation, a lot of sexual actions, and too much exertion of oneself at the same time as held back menses are the symptoms of Conium. Generally, this kind of a headache causes a tearing pain compelling the sufferers to lie down. Anybody suffering from such kind of a headache or a migraine frequently has a feeling that there are too many alien matters within the head and it is accompanied by the lack of feeling in the brain. Homeopathic Conium is a beneficial remedy to cure such kinds of symptoms. 

      Urinary problems:
      • Persons affected by urinary problems where in the practical experience complexity in passing urine with severe pain must get benefit greatly by using Conium. 
      • For some infections in the path of urine, persons may feel urinary difficulties wherever the flow of urine is irregular - the urine passes for some time, stops and after that starts flowing once again. The glands become hard like a rock and distended mainly the mammary glands as well as the testicles. Conium is a perfect remedy to solve these urinary problems. 
      Enlarged prostate: Person struggling with an enlarged prostate are also benefitted by using the conium. Someone may well experience hefty and tricky prostate and also suffer from a palpable interruption of urine flow. Along with the feeling of owning a heavy prostate, such men might have released in the penis and even suffer from the problem of impotency. In homeopathic medical, Conium Maculatum is certainly a right remedy to solve these problems. 

      Side Effects of Conium Maculatum

      Taking excess Conium Maculatum may cause dizziness, headache, joint dislocation, inner ear disorder, loss of the awareness of men. Use of too much conium is totally unsafe for the children. Counim should not be used to treat the pain in children due to teething. For breast-feeding and pregnancy this remedy is not safe to use.
      Accumulation of excessive fat in the body is termed as obesity. It is actually an abnormal condition which increases the weight of the body. Obesity occurs when we take in too much calories than we burn through exercise and normal daily activities. This problem is mostly seen in the high income countries of the world. A number of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases are the major risk factors of obesity.

      How to Diagnose Obesity?
      Everybody should give proper attention to the physical health. Anyone can diagnose the body condition using BMI. It is actually a statistical measurement derived from the weight and height. By using this method person can easily measure the percentage of body fat and the obesity level. If the BMI (that means Body Mass Index) is between 25 and 29.9 then it is considered overweight. If the BMI is 30 or over it is considered obese. Here is the chart to understand easily.
      Common factors causing Obesity
      Lack of Sleep:
      • Sleep helps to continue a healthy balance of the hormones that make you feel hungry. Lack of sleep also increases the danger of obesity. Person who sleep less than seven hours every day seem to prefer taking foods that are higher in calories and carbohydrates, which can easily lead to overeating, weight gain, and also obesity. Sleeplessness results in a higher than normal blood sugar level in the body, which may increase the risk for diabetes.
      Certain medications:
      • Some medicines may cause to gain body weight. These medicines include some diabetes medications, antidepressants, steroids and beta blockers, corticosteroids, and anti-seizure medications. These kind of medicines can slow the rate at which the body burns calories; boost the appetite which leads to overeating and obesity.
      • For supporting the babies growth women gain weight during pregnancy. Some women get it hard to lose their weight of the body after the baby is born. This may lead to obesity or overweight. So pregnancy is one of the reasons of obesity.
      Lack of physical activity:
      • It is very important factor for increasing obesity. Most of the people have jobs that involves sitting at a desk and they pass there most of the day. When they relax, people like to watch television, movies, play computer games, and browse the internet without taking regular physical exercise. If people do not active enough with any physical works they cannot use the energy provided by the food they take every day. The extra calories are stored as fat. They must suffer by the overweight or obesity problem.
      Health Conditions:
      • Cushing's syndrome, Underactive thyroid, and polycystic ovarian syndrome these kinds of hormone may cause obesity. Underactive thyroid is actually a state in which the thyroid gland cannot produce enough thyroid hormone. Lack of this hormone will slow down the metabolism which must and weight gain. At that time person feel weak and tired. Women who have PCOS often are obese, have excess growth of the hair, and have some health problems. Cushing's syndrome is a state in which the adrenal glands of body produce excess of the hormone cortisol. This can drive a person taking high doses certain medications including prednisone, for long time.
      Eating habit:
      • Taking fast food, drinking too much alcohol, eating larger portions than you need, skipping breakfast, eating most of your calories at night, not eating fruit and vegetables are very common reason of obesity.

      Useful tips about obesity
      Obesity may increase the risk of some diseases:
      • 01. Osteoarthritis
      • 02. High blood pressure
      • 03. Type 2 diabetes
      • 04. Psychological problems
      • 05. Hyperlipidaemia
      • 06. Heart diseases
      What should do..............
      • 01. Try to take enough vegetables everyday
      • 02. Eat little at dinner
      • 03. Use skimmed milk instead of full fat milk
      • 04. Drink warm water
      • 05. Walk at least 2 hours per day
      • 06. Practice limited diet
      • 07. Chew your food completely
      • 08. Take wheat, barley and maize
      • 09. Cut down on salt and sugar
      • 10. Reduce taking foods after 5 pm
      • 11. Walk after night meal.
      • 12. Meditation for stress control
      • 13. Avoid too much carbohydrates, pizza and snack foods
      • 14. Avoid sedentary habits
      • 15. Avoid excess intake of rice and potatoes 
      • 16. Stay away from taking too much sweets and bakery products
      • 17. Do not take oily and fried food,Candy, Chocolates, Nuts.
      • 18. Keep away from processed and junk foods

        Useful Homeopathic Remedies to Reduce Obesity
        From homeopathic materia medica we got many remedies for reducing the obesity. But it needs to say that most of them are not effective and fruitful. Here are the most useful remedies to lessen the problem of obesity.

        Antimonium crudum:
        • For young people and children there are some common symptoms of Antimonium crudum including tendency to grow fat, too much irritability and nervousness together with a heavily coated white tongue, inclined to grow fat, for the extremes of life. On the other hand old people with morning diarrhea suddenly become constipated or alternate constipation and diarrhea. All the conditions worsen by heat and cold bathing.
        • It is a chief remedy to treat obesity. Phytollaca helps to reduce fat and thus reduce weight of the body. It also decreases fat and false growths. Burning in throat as from coal fire and unable to swallow hot liquids is a common symptoms of Phytollaca.
        Fucus Vesiculosus:
        • Thyroid enlargement in obese people and obstinate constipation are the main symptom of Fucus Vesiculosus. It is used for non-toxic goiter and obesity problem.
        • Sepia is actually used to treat female obesity. Obesity in menopausal females with perspirations and hot flushes, yellow complexion and bearing down sensations and obesity in females with weakness are the suitable symptoms to use Sepia.
        • Sometimes Pulsatilla helps to reduce obesity of female. When we get the changeable and contradictory symptoms then this remedy gives proper result. Females who are sad, cry easily and weeps when talking with other are the patient of Pulsatilla. They also feels chilliness.
        • Sometimes physician likes to use this remedy to treat obesity of young people. Capsicum helps those people who are weak, indolent and have no vital heat or no reactive force.
        • When the patient feels the complexity in sitting, walking, palpitation and nausea; then Phytolin acts as a great fat reducer. It is mother tinctures are more effective then the potencies.
        Kali Carbonicum:
        • The old persons who have a backache, sweat and body weakness are a patient of Kali Carbonicum. Person may have dark hair and lax fibre. It is actually a remedy of old peoples.
        • This remedy mostly fit for the female. Fat women with delayed menstruation must get benefits from Graphaities. The patients of this homeopathic remedy are fat, stout and have tendency to skin affections. This remedy gives the best result for those who have lost desire for sexual intercourse.

        May 29, 2013

        Symptoms, Benefits and Side Effects of Homeopathic Dioscorea Villosa

        It is also recognized as Wild Yam and the family of this herb is Dioscoreaceae. This valuable herb is available in the North America. Homeopathic Dioscorea Villosa has been used to get advantage against menopausal symptoms. It helpful to the liver function and endocrine system of the body. From homeopathic materia medica we get many symptoms of Dioscorea Villosa. The main symptoms of this remedy are given below.

        Symptoms of Dioscorea Villosa 

        • 01. Vertigo along with dizziness
        • 02. Sharp pain in the temples
        • 03. Boring pain in the temples and head
        • 01. Eyes sore and smarting
        • 02. Eyes weakness
        • 03. Agglutination of the lids
        • 01. Dull and pressing pains in front of both the ears
        • 02. Sharp pain in front and behind the ears
        • 01. Offensive bad smell in the nose
        • 02. Release of red blood from left nostril
        • 03. Irritation of nasal passages with very sneezing
        • 04. Soreness of the nostrils
        • 01. Drawing pain
        • 02. Sharp pains at angle of left lower jaw
        • 01. Tip of tongue sore
        • 02. Soreness of gums and roof of mouth
        • 03. Heavy brown coating on the tongue
        • 04. Mouth very dry and also bitter in the morning time
        • 05. Sides of tongue sore as if burnt
        • 01. Irritation, burning and  also smarting in throat
        • 02. Soreness and pain in parotid glands
        • 01. Calls things by wrong names
        • 01. When pricking is felt the pains are sharp and agonizing
        • 02. Pains panaritium and nails brittle
        • 01. Burning at the stomach
        • 02. Severe and cramping pain in pit of stomach
        • 03. Symptoms of nausea
        • 04. Sour and bitter eructations
        • 05. Stable soreness at stomach, with frequent sharp pains
        • 06. Pain at epigastrium relieved by the raising bitter wind
        • 07. Faint, uneasy feeling at stomach
        • 08. Sharp and cutting pains in epigastrium
        • 01. Cutting pain in region of liver
        • 02. Pain in inguinal areas expanding to the testicles
        • 03. Releases of offensive flatus
        • 04. Sharp cutting pains in the bowels
        • 05. Bowels sore and tender on pressure
        • 06. Hard and dull pain in region of gall bladder
        • 07. Griping, cramping pains in the umbilical region
        • 08. Heavy, dull and grinding pain in region of liver
        • 09. Sharp pain in left hypochondrium
        • 10. Rumbling in the bowels
        • 11. Passing big quantities of flatulence
        • 12. Twisting pains in the bowels
        • 01. Very loose stools with too much straining
        • 02. Yellow colored stool in the morning time
        • 03. Problem of frequent  and urgent desire for stool
        • 04. Haemorrhoidal tumors are large like red cherries
        • 05. Diarrhea early in the morning
        • 06. Stools slimy and dark-colored 
        • 07. Itching in the rectum
        • 01. Emission of semen during sleep
        • 02. Genitals cold and relaxed
        • 03. Diminished sexual desire
        • 04. Constant excitement of genital organs
        • 05. Smelling perspiration on scrotum and also pubes
        • 06. Frequent erections
         Respiratory Organs:
        • 01. Sharp cutting pains in both lungs
        • 02. Hacking cough from irritation
        • 03. Tickling low down in the throat
        • 01. Sharp pain in the heart

        Benefits or Uses of Dioscorea Villosa

        • 01. It helps to regulate hormones of female sex and it is considered a useful homeopathic remedy for many of the symptoms related with menopause.
        • 02. Dioscorea increase the sperm count of male and it reduces the frequent night emission of teenage.
        • 03. The antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory actions of Dioscorea Villosa make it useful in treating symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis. 
        • 04. This homeopathic remedy is useful in treating muscular and cramps pain.
        • 05. Dioscorea Villosa is used to treat colic and rheumatism.
        • 06. It is used to treat digestive disorders including irritable bowel syndrome, gallbladder inflammation and diverticulitis
        • 07. This remedy has been temporarily shown to cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.
        • 08. Homeopathic Dioscorea Villosa has also been shown to advantage the lungs, stomach, kidneys, and the spleen of the internal body.
        • 09. The mixture of its anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects makes it a high-quality choice for urinary tract states.

        Side Effects of Dioscorea Villosa

        This homeopathic remedy is normally safe but sometimes people feel nausea when taking large doses of mother tincture or abstract of the herb. Physicians suggested taking ten drops of Dioscorea mother tincture twice a day. Pregnant women and young children should not use Dioscorea Villosa without discussing with any skilled homeopathic physician.

        Avena Sativa - A Homeopathic Tonic for Nerves

        It is actually a popular nerve tonic and also recognized as oats. Avena Sativa is perfectly fit for the middle aged peoples. It is used to improve testosterone and libido of our body. So Avena sativa is also popular as bodybuilding testosterone supplements. Some people use it as a nerve driver. Because it gives enough support making our nerve system strong. As a homeopathic remedy, mother tinctures of avena sativa are used as nerve tonics. It keeps a great useful contribution when moving back from an addiction to smoking, alcohol, tranquilizers or other medication and antidepressants.  Details about Avena Sativa - Watch Now

        Symptoms of Avena Sativa

        01. A headache with burning at top of head 
        02. Occipital headache 
        03. An anxious headache at menstrual period 
        04. A headache with phosphatic urine 

        01. Nervous exhaustion 
        02. Incapability keeping mind on any one subject 

        01. Impotency 
        02. male function debility 
        03. Spermatorrhoea 
        04. Weakness after too much indulgence 

        01. Amenorrhoea 
        02. Weak circulation 
        03. Dysmenorrhoea 

        Health Benefits or Uses of Avena Sativa

        01. This remedy continues to be linked to elevated pleasure throughout intercourse. The improved pleasure is as a consequence of more testosterone in the bloodstream. This hormone can be a significant issue in keeping a balanced male function. 
        02. It is specially used in the temporary impotence of young newly married males. Avena Sativa gives very fruitful and quick result with some other homeopathic remedy like Salix nigra, taphysagria and Sabal serrulata.

        03. Avena Sativa is manly use for spasmodic and nervous disorders with exhaustion. Cardiac weakness, spermatorrhea problem, the nervous debility of convalescence are common symptoms of homeopathic avena sativa. 

        04. In male function neurasthenia, homeopathic Avena Sativa has a selective influence upon the nerve system of the genito-urinary apparatus. Because of its selective power upon the total nervous structure, which supplies the reproductive organs. Nervous palpitation of the heart, insomnia, nervous excitement, and mental weakness, or failure and general debility caused by masturbation can be easily removed using this remedy. 

        05. Because avena sativa gives stability towards the nervous and hormonal techniques, it helps to stabilizes blood sugar, reduces hot flashes, and eases signs and symptoms of nervousness, insomnia and exhaustion. For premenstrual syndrome relief, this remedy need to be taken regularly for 15 days out with the month. 

        06. As a nerve tonic this remedy directly acts in the brain and nutritive function of the organism increasing nerve strength and providing the nutrition of the entire system. It is also useful for improving healthier bones, hair, skin, and nails as a result of its wealthy nutrients of silicon, zinc, calcium, manganese, and phosphorus along with vitamins A, B1, B2 and E. 

        07. Avena Sativa is nourishing remedy applicable to any state of debility and exhaustion and through convalescence. It really is suited as a long-term treatment in nervous debility. It is a remedy of great utility in loss of nerve power and in muscular feebleness from lack of nerve force.It helps to remove depression. 

        08. Avena sativa has received substantial focus from the homeopathic and other medical communities for its role in minimizing blood cholesterol. Nutrition professionals feel that Beta glucans, inhibit cholesterol helps to reduce heart problems. 

        Side Effects of Avena sativa

        Normal doses of homeopathic Avena sativa does not lead to any significant side effects occurring. Sometimes excess taking of Avena sativa mother tincture may cause sleep problems, dryness of mouth, vomiting, nausea and also nervousness. Therefore it is recommended that this tonic remedy should not take during the period of pregnancy without discussion with any physician. 

        Homeopathic Avena saiva is not a traditional medicine like others. One can use this remedy as a food supplement. Though Avena saiva has not any major side effects. Fifteen drops of this remedy can take twice a day as a tonic. But it is recommended that every remedy should take according to the suggestion of an experienced physician.

        May 28, 2013

        Homeopathic Lycopodium Clavatum Remedy

        Lycopodium Clavatum is one of the most important remedies in homeopathy. It is used for various fatal problems of our body. Children, teenage, young and also old people can use Lycopodium according to the proper symptoms. The word of "Lycopodium" comes from Greek lukos (wolf) and podion little of pous (foot). It is also recognized as creeping cedar and ground pines. 

        It appears as a pale yellow color. Premature ejaculation, impotency due to sexual excesses, loss of erection during coition, one foot cold and the other hot, Lack of self confidence, fear in dark are the most common symptoms of Lycopodium. In homeopathy it has different kinds of uses according to the body symptoms. This remedy is adjusted chiefly to illness gradually developing, functional activity weakening, with failures of the digestive abilities, where the liver function is badly damaged.

        Common Uses of Lycopodium

        • Lycopodium is used to treat various mental conditions like irritability, anxiety, forgetfulness, anger etc. 
        • It removes state of tiredness and a chronic fatigue 
        • When old persons have strong desire, but imperfect erections then this remedy acts successfully 
        • It is also suitable for right sided renal colic. 
        •  Lycopodium is a chief homeopathic remedy for bloating of flatulence, abdomen and several stomach related troubles such as colic dysentery, constipation, dyspepsia, indigestion and heartburn. 
        • When penis is small, relaxed and cold then Lycopodium is appropriate remedy 
        • Lycopodium is most effective remedy in impotency of young men from sexual excess. 
        • It also helps in prostatitis. 
        • It helps for the enlarged prostrate in old people 
        • In females in the case of dryness of vagina with burning during and after coition Lycopodium gives the most fruitful result. 

        Application of Lycopodium

        The substance obtained from the pollen of the moss is used in homeopathy as a constitutional agent for mentally active but physically weak patients. The effect extends to the liver as well as the mucous membranes of the urine, respiratory and digestive organs. Accordingly, Lycopodium is used in all types of related complaints such as urination, shortness of breath, cough remedy by laryngeal tickles, loss of appetite, bloating or flatulence.

        The sufferings are relieved by fresh air, slow movements, or the absorption of warm food and drink; Between 16 and 20 o'clock, as well as by clothing, warmth, or lying on the right side, they get worse.

        Appearance of Lycopodium

        Just as diverse as the application area of Lycopodium is the typical appearances, which sometimes have a contradictory and paradoxical effect. Thus the patients often have hot hunger and the great appetite, but are already full after the first bite; Her complexion changes from the usual false basic color to red. Despite their dry mouth, they do not feel thirsty and often have two differently tempered feet. Lycopodium is also contradictory: on the one hand, it is both rightful and dictatorial, but suffers from a lack of self-confidence and is afraid to cope with stress. If he feels well, he seeks and loves the company of other men; He wants to be left alone and retreats.

        Lycopodium has a bad memory despite high intellect and lets out letters when writing. His sleep is already disturbed in the baby's age; He is often more cheerful at night than during the day, dreams badly, and wakes up with hot-hunger.

        Dosage forms of Lycopodium: The usual applications for lycopodium are between D6 and D12.

        Lycopodium: Areas of application

        Gastrointestinal complaints: After eating pressure feeling in the stomach up high in the chest with flatulence and belching. At night the discomfort worsened. In contrast to Asa Foetida, Lycopodium is indicated for not- smelling flatulence.

        Lose weight: Digestive problems, constipation in general, Flatulence with bulging

        Appetite, increased: Hot hunger arises especially at night, after a few bites already full feeling. Great craving for sweets. The tendency to flatulence and heartburn.

        Stomach pain: Fullness and flatulence already after small meals. Tingling, long-lasting belching ( heartburn)

        Bloating: The stomach is bloated, you feel full and has heartburn. Narrowing clothing is unpleasant. Especially after sweet- and flour desserts or after garlic and onions rumbles in the belly. Complaints worse in the afternoon and towards evening.

        Blisters and bladder infections: Bladder inflammation associated with back pain. The urine flows slowly at first, especially when the toilet is at night, sometimes only after pressing. The urine smells bad and may have a reddish-brown color.

        Digestive disorders/stomach disorder: Heartburn, flatulence and digestive disorders after carbohydrate-rich diet. Close to the belly is not tolerated. Great craving for sweets and nightly hunger.

        Depressed moods: Constantly bad mood combined with fears, the daily tasks can not cope. A lack of self-esteem is blended with an inflated, arrogant appearance. Oppression is scarcely endured.

        Stye: The barley is more near the inner corner of the eye.

        Hair loss: Hair loss after illness, often associated with pale skin and the early graying of the hair. Also with hair loss after pregnancy.

        Stomach acidity: Already after a few bites fullness and strong heartburn, often also flatulence.

        Heartburn/acid regurgitation: Already after a few bites fullness and strong heartburn, often also flatulence.

        Stress: Fear and inner pressure, tasks and new situations. Strong emotional fluctuations to depression. Patient has a low self-esteem, behaves tyrannically and can not stand a contradiction.

        Lycopodium Dosage

        Acute or mildly chronic symptoms are treated with five globules or drops in potencies D6 or D12. There are 5 globules three times a day. Infants receive a single dose of D12 if necessary.

        Lycopodium effect

        Lycopodium acts on the mind, stomach and intestines, the liver, the respiratory tracts and the urinary organs.

        Lycopodium in pregnancy

        Lycopodium is a well-tolerated natural remedy for pregnant women who suffer from severe, cramping flatulence, bloating or diarrhea accompanied by heartburn. The medium insulates appearing hot-hungry on sweets. It is used for hormonal hair loss after pregnancy.

        Lycopodium for the baby

        Babies suffer from severe flatulence, which occurs particularly frequently between 16 and 20 o'clock. After the consumption of milk and carrots, the flatulence is particularly violent. Heat and rocking improve the pain. After pain, the pain subsides only briefly.

        The remedy helps with blocked nose of nursing mothers. The infant sniffing is worse at night and lying down. 

        Lycopodium is used for skin rashes behind the ears. These are typically moist, bloody, but a yellowish liquid.

        Improvement & deterioration of Lycopodium

        • activity
        • Move
        • fresh air
        • Hot food
        • at night
        • casual clothing
        • warmth
        • Early morning
        • Extreme heat and cold
        • cold drinks
        • cold air
        • Lack of exercise
        • After eating (combined with fatigue, between 4 pm and 8 pm)
        • Warm, enclosed rooms

        Side Effects of Lycopodium

        No side effects are known in self-medication with low potencies (to D12). Lycopodium should only be used as long as the symptoms persist, as otherwise, a drug may develop. It is advisable to have a homeopath accompany the therapy with high potencies.

        • For taking too much Lycopodium person may affected by some physical problems like coughing, acid reflux, belching, pain in the right side of the torso near the liver, digestive disorders, diarrhea, gallstones, nausea, constipation, hiccupping and vomiting. It may cause intestinal gas also. 
        • This remedy has some mental effects. According to the homeopathic material medica Lycopodium may cause feelings of insecurity and lack of self-confidence. This homeopathic remedy causes the incapability to stand up for oneself in a conflict and a fear of public speaking. 
        • Taking large amount of Lycopodium must harm the normal appetite of a person. At that time the person may take a large amount of meal and then have a starved appetite for more food a short time later. Or a person may be ravenously hungry, but feel full after taking only a very small quantity of food. 
        • William Boericke stated, taking of excess Lycopodium may create an odd condition. He explained that "You may feel as though one foot is hot while the other is cold". 
        • We also get some skin problems after taking too much Lycopodium. Person may experience allergies to shell fish when taking this homeopathic remedy. Redness, swelling and itching around the throat and mouth are common side effects of Lycopodium. One should must stop taking this remedy if experience any side effects. 
        Video:- Complete information about Lycopodium Clavatum - Watch Now

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        Hypertension or High blood pressure is also known as a silent killer. The pressure of the blood is normally recorded as the systolic pressure over the diastolic pressure. When the reading of the blood pressure is 140/90 mm Hg or higher then we refer it as a high blood pressure. It is a very risky disease. The American Heart Association reported that about one in three adults in the United States has this disease. It may cause kidney failure, heart attacks, injury to the brain and, strokes.

        Causes of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) 

        The American Heart Association stated that there is no one particular cause of high blood pressure. Most common causes of Hypertension are:
        • 01. Taking excessive alcohol
        • 02. Pain reliever medicines
        • 03. Lifestyle
        • 04. Kidney diseases
        • 05. Genetic factors
        • 06. Obesity
        • 07. Stress can raise blood pressure
        • 08. Abnormal blood vessels
        • 09. Birth control pills
        • 10. Adrenal diseases
        • 11. Tobacco use

        Symptoms of Homeopathic Remedies for High Blood Pressure

        Generally intense and talkative person are perfectly fit for this homeopathic remedy. The core symptoms of patients of the Lachesis are:
        • 01. The person has a strong panic of disease
        • 02. Very intolerance of clothing around the neck 
        • 03. Sensations of suspicion, jealousy, and revenge
        • 04. Person feels restriction in the chest, with beats in many areas
        • 05. The person also has heart or artery problems, look flushed 
        • 06. Feeling worse on waking in the morning
        The patients of Sanguinary have a common symptom that they feel blood is rushing to the head area, with flushed red cheeks along with pulsing in the neck. The other symptoms of this remedy are:
        • 01. The person has headaches or migraines problems
        • 02. Burning pains
        • 03. Headaches on the right
        • 04. Allergies, stomachache, and digestive troubles are often seen
        • 05. Problems in the right-sided neck and shoulder
        • 06. A tendency to think worse of eating sweets
        • 07. Symptoms are worse from motion
        • 08. Relief may come from being in the dark and sleeping
        • 09. A craving for spicy food
        • 10. Headaches worse from light and noise

        Argentum nitricum:
        Patients feel nervousness and anxiety when blood pressure rising. Diarrhea, headache, pounding pulse and dizziness are very common symptoms of Argentum nitricum. Other symptoms are:
        • 01. Person is warm-blooded
        • 02. Have strong cravings for sweets and salt
        • 03. Person is imaginative, impulsive and claustrophobic
        This homeopathic remedy is used when symptoms come on suddenly with great intensity and heat. Other symptoms of Belladonna are:
        • 01. Severe headaches
        • 02. A headache worse from jarring and light
        • 03. The face of the person is flushed along with dilated pupils
        • 04. Person’s hands and feet may be cold despite the general heat
        • 05. Throbbing and Pulsations may be felt in other parts of the body
        Calcarea carbonica:
        Calcarea carbonica is very useful for those people who have poor stamina with high blood pressure. Other symptoms of this homeopathic remedy are:
        • 01. Sweat on the head during sleep 
        • 02. Palpitations can be worse from walking up a slope 
        • 03. Tend toward weight problems
        • 04. The feet may heat up in bed at night
        • 05. The person has cravings for sweets and also eggs
        • 06. Coolness with clammy hands and feet 
        • 07. Breathing problems can be worse from walking u stairs
        Aurum metallicum:
        Homeopathic Aurum metallicum is indicated for the people who are serious focused on career with Hypertension related to stress. Common symptoms of this remedy are:
        • 01. Worry along with depression
        • 02. A strong desire for alcohol, bread and sweets
        • 03. A common tendency to feel worse at night
        • 04. Anger may occur when the person feels he have made a mistake 
        Person with a severe headache with high blood pressure is a patient of Glonoinum. Visible throbbing in the blood vessels of the neck and migraine are very strong symptoms of this remedy. The other symptoms are:
        • 01. A sensation of "being lost in a familiar place"
        • 02. The chest can feel congested or hot with irregular heartbeat
        • 03. The person is after heat and after drinking alcohol
        • 04. The person is worse from moving around
        • 05.A flushed face with a pounding headache 
        Nux vomica:
        Homeopathic Nux vomica is perfectly fit for them who are usually impatient and driven-easily frustrated and angered. Other symptoms of this remedy are:
        • 01. Palpitations along with constricting feelings in the chest
        • 02. A strong desire for coffee and other stimulants
        • 03. Strong foods, sweets and alcohol may aggravate blood pressure 
        • 04. The person is sensitive to light, odors, noise, and interference
        • 05. Hemorrhoids and constipation are often seen
        Natrum muriaticum:
        A person who has the characteristics of reserved and responsible is a patient of Natrum muriaticum. Common symptoms of this remedy are:
        • 01. Feeling of tension in the chest
        • 02. Headaches and palpitations 
        • 03. The person feels worse from being in the sun
        • 04. A fear of misfortune
        • 05. A craving for salt and strong thirst 
        • 06. Disappointment and anger
        • 07. Better from being alone in a quiet place
        • 08. Worse around mid-morning
        The patient who is sympathetic and sensitive is better fit for homeopathic Phosphorus. Other symptoms are:
        • 01. Sensation of heaviness or pain in the chest
        • 02. Strong desire for cold drinks 
        • 03. Left-sided problems 
        • 04. Weakness along with dizziness
        • 05. Better feeling after eating and sleeping


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